Thursday, 6 January 2011

Art work I created on my National Diploma course..

Whilst I was at home for Christmas, I found some of my work from when I was at art college studying an art & design course in my hometown of Scarborough. I thought that these particular pieces of work may become inspiration for future projects whilst studing my degree in Leeds so I have put them on my blog to remind myself..

Here are a few photographs I took & developed myself in the dark room for a photography project I was studying during my national diploma course.

These images are development ideas from my fine art project during my second year on the art & design national diploma course. I used the faces & features of Audrey Hepburn, Edie Sedgwick, Kate Moss, Twiggy, Marilyn Monroe & myself to create new faces.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Tailored jacket..

Tailoring processes evaluation..


In the brief for this project, the main targets I was asked to meet included attending a series of ‘hands on‘ workshops, reflecting my new skills and techniques learnt in the sessions and produce a research manual, technical manual and a professional design package. The workshops introduced me to a variety of methods and design processes relevant to tailoring. I observed these new techniques and processes in detail and explored my own methods of development. Using the skills I was introduced to during the workshops I produced a technical file. I also completed a strong body of research I had gathered from exhibitions, books, the internet and magazines. Once I had completed the main bulk of work I could then create a design package including a sample of my final jacket design.

I have put together an A4 sketchbook containing a shop report studying the tailored garments available in Reiss, a strong body of research from exhibitions, books, the internet and magazines. I drew the garments and the detail they had by hand so I could properly look at how they were designed and made. I also chose to unpick an old tailored jacket to help me understand how it was made. I attended the visit to the wardrobe department at west Yorkshire Playhouse. I was grateful for the opportunity to closely observe a vast range of vintage tailored garments and professionally manufactured copies. I recorded my findings through observational sketches and photographs. I presented these in my research manual.

Throughout the series of workshops I attended in college, I was taught a wide variety of tailoring techniques. I studied hand stitched hems and buttonholes. I was also taught a range of machine based skills. I created a collection of innovative half bodices and sleeves as I practised the new skills I had gained from the sessions.

Once I had produced an informative body of research and developed a whole new range of skills involved in the production of a tailored garment, I could then move forward to create a professional design package. With these new skills in mind, I produced a body of design sheets. I then chose my favourite design. I chose one that I knew I would be cable of producing to the best of my ability. I supported my final design with a working drawing, and I created a half bodice complete with sleeve as a sample of my design idea.

The part I found most difficult during this project was how much I had to learn and take in throughout the tailoring workshops. I found the one day a week that I was taught very stressful. Due to how much I was trying to take on in such a small amount of time, I found myself finishing the end of the day only half way through the tasks that had been set. In my private study, I looked at various books I had discovered in the library to help me gain more of an understanding of the processes of tailoring.

Tailored jacket design ideas..

Tailoring research..