Saturday, 30 October 2010


Another couple of ink & food colouring imags.

Key for each line.
Map drawing of model.
I chose four different lines. Different in style, colour & media. I chose a pale nude colour for the model's skin, a grey felt tip pen for the model's hair, Black ink for the model's clothes, and charcoal for the duvet the model was sitting on.

Pin & charcoal drawing.
Firstly, I drew the model in a faint pencil sketch & then using a sewing pin, I pierced the wholes over the pencil outline.
Using the first image I created using a sewing pin, I placed it onto a plain white sheet of paper & overed the entire page with charcoal. The dust from the charcoal fell through the tiny pierced holes onto the sheet of paper underneith. The image above is the final outcome of this drawing practice.

Quick 5 mintue sketch.

Blind contour & continuous line drawing.

Graphite & rubber.
Cover the entire page with graphite & then using a rubber, create the areas that are light on the model. Then use the graphite stick to show the darker areas on the model.

Oil pastel & ink wash over the top.

The items on my table!

Black ink & food colouring.

Negative spacedrawing using a graphite stick.

Two tone oil pastel drawing. Lighter oil pastel used on the areas of the model that were light and the darker oil pastel for the darker areas on the model.


Kenneth Paul Block is a fashion illustrator who has worked with Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. He has long term contracts with New York's Bonwit Teller, Bergdorf Goodman and Lord and Taylor.
Antonio Lopez is a fashion illustrator who has worked for magazines and newspapers such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Interview and The New York Times.

Bobby Hillson is a fashion illustrator. He has worked for magazines and newspapers such as Vogue, The Sunday Times and the Observer.

Jo Brocklehurst is known for her powerful drawings of punk and club culture of the 1980's in London.

David Downton is a fashion illustrator. He uses black indian ink and works on acetate or paper. He draws his work from photographs taken from the catwalk.

Joe Eula is a fashion illustrator who has done work for famous fashion houses such as Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.

Grayson Perry places his fashion illustrations in various town and city streets.

Kara walker explores race, gender, sexuality, violence and identity.
She is known for her room size tableaux of black cut-paper silhouettes.

O'Donoghue finds the inspiration for his work from history, memories and myth. He also likes to focus on individual lives.
O'Donoghue combines photography with other medias to create his images.

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